Todays Dharma Talk from Facebook Suggestions

This talk is inspired by the suggestions I got from my Facebook friends, thanks to you all!

Dharma Talk from Facebook Suggestions

The suggestions were:
-Zen is a big hoax
-Some kinda shit(which was the whole talk)
-How do we get stuck on hate
-The first thing that comes to my soul
-Swan Station(which i did not know of so i didn’t answer)
-Sacred daily commitment

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2 thoughts on “Todays Dharma Talk from Facebook Suggestions

  1. Jeff

    Right on Herb. I’m a recent meditator and have been studying Buddha Dhamma and find it very disturbing to read about teachers that have issues with abuse and addictions. It’s the same issue we’ve had with so called men of God, priests, etc.

    1. Herb Eko Deer Post author

      thanks Jeff, totally it sucks when we learn the hard way about teachers that have worldly issues, by uncovering it after its been suppressed and denied. its hard to be honest when we are bent, but its better than breaking when we ignore it, talk about that shit


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